Leech sites, what you need to know

When someone posts to one of the major porn websites something else happens.

There are hundreds of what are known as leech websites, these bloodsuckers take the material from the original website and post it as part of their own website. These free sites are often the most popular porn sites.

They often use the same tags or titles, so if someone knew the title of the original post they can find it.

What if it’s been removed from the original site it was posted on?

It doesn’t matter to the leech sites, even though the video might have been removed and won’t show or play the thumbnails associated with it and the listing can stay on the leech sites unless action is taken to get them removed too. The thumbnails are generated from the original video and can be just as compromising or explicit as the video itself.

It’s not enough to get the video taken down from the first site that had it, we get everything taken down, from every site it has been republished too so it can never be found again.

What does this look like in the real world?

Below is a search conducted for the same phrase it was posted with (obscured to protect privacy) 2 years after the original video was removed from the Xhamster website. In the example is the first page of 9 subsequent pages of links to the video on leech sites.
The whole phrase ended in ’42’.

Below is the result of clicking one of those links, it displays a thumbnail taken from the original video from Xhamster. The photo (obscured to protect privacy) clearly shows the face of the person and is also in an extremely compromising pose leaving nothing to the imagination.
The whole phrase ends in ’42’.

If you’re still not sure what we mean then we suggest you bite the bullet and search for the title of your material, even if it’s been removed from the site it was posted to.
For instance if it was posted with a title like ‘My bitch ex sucking my dick’ (yep horrid we know, but it is what it is right?).
So put that into Google and follow the links and then click on a few of the links, chances are the video isn’t working but there will be a thumbnail of you exposed on the first page you go to that is equally embarrassing.
We get these taken down too.